Friday, April 22, 2005

Baptism of D

For unknown reasons, D invited me and A to witness his baptism (Mar 05). Actually I don't even know that D and his wife are Chirstians. Wait, D did mention it to me during our last gathering. Yes, I simply forgot it.

D and his wife were the only ones that delivered speech among those who received their baptism. Their speech reinforced my belief in certain areas, namely:

- people from broken family tend to get married earlier.
- people with tragic experience tends to believe in God.

I also learnt more about D's childhood, and the reasons (really?) of his rebellious youth. Still, I don't know why he would have gone to church at the first place.

It is (?) a blessing to believe in Christ. For the believers have the One from the above to guide them.

D said, "people cannot forgive people themselves, only the God can forgive people."

Will D's wife open her heart and speaks more?

Didn't see D's mother that night. A little pity.

John Coltrane

My impression on his music is:

He played and circled his saxophone,
the music notes circled round and round
and formed a musical cone
(think about an ice-cream cone that is made of music notes)
that flied to your ear.
The musical cone is densely packed with short notes.
You listened to the notes and would hear the rhythm.

Blue Train maybe the CD to start with if he is new to you.

Magnifying Glass

Have read that people get angry/upset easily because we are seeing things via a magnifying glass.

Most HK people wear glasses, no wonder we are living in such a city.

Will I learn to see the happy side of things via the magnifying glass,
and the others the other glasses?

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Yoshimoto Nara

Nothing ever happens.

A girl with bandage on her head,
playing guitar, and
singing Nothing Ever Happens.

A girl with sharp teeth and big eyes,
blood on her face or body,
knife on her hand or pocket,
saying Nothing Ever Happens.

The above are the paintings by Yoshimoto Nara.

If you can't visualise it, probably you will not like the works of Yoshimoto Nara.

Why people like BB...SO MUCH

When they are born, they are like a pack of flour.
When they smile, they smile so innocently.

As a grown up, we are taught to be tough.
We can hardly smile, not to mention smile innocently.

Maybe we love baby, consciously and unconsciously,
because they have the attributes we have lost.